Alicia L. Cuthbertson

“What is there but a dream? You can’t trade in your dreams… Dream big and dream fierce.” – Viola Davis

About Me

Hey there, I had to make a few edits from the bio I had written for me. I apologize for not proofing before sending it over.

Alicia Cuthbertson is a creative soul with an infectious smile whose natural desire to entertain has been nurtured by her real-life roles of mother, world traveler, photographer, blogger, and jewelry designer. Each character having fanned the flames of her true passion: acting. Though her first taste would be in high school it wouldn’t be until many years later that her calling would once again take center stage.

Her passion reignited and a new determination to make her goals reality, Alicia found herself training with industry expert, Lom Bumgarner of The Film Actors Studio in Charlotte, NC. as well as broadening her learning venue by traveling throughout the southeast to work with various industry professionals, casting directors, and collaborating with her colleagues.

Such talent, discipline, and perseverance have seen Alicia cast in several network television series in just a short amount of time. Alicia’s credits aren’t limited to being in front of the camera. Her resume also includes producing a short film to be released later this year. When not producing, attending auditions, callbacks, or filming, Alicia focuses on writing her first feature film based on a short story written by her 16-year-old son.

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 “Have the courage to follow your own heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs

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